President Pavlopoulos: Greece is a stable partner in the EU and in the hard core of the eurozone

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos outlined the contemporary problems that afflict the European integration and underlined the enormous sacrifices of the Greek people that remains a stable partner in the European Union and in the hard core of the eurozone.

Pavlopoulos was speaking at a dinner held in his honor by the kings of the Netherlands, as part of his official visit to the country.

He referred to the excellent level of bilateral relations between Greece and the Netherlands, noting that “our two peoples can and must work together to succesfully address the major challenges, which pose huge risks for the future and the completion of our common European home, the European project.”

The President outlined the biggest challenges — the refugee issue and the ISIS terrorism — as well as the centrifugal forces within the European Union, as recently demonstrated by the unfortunate outcome of the UK referendum.