President Pavlopoulos: Lausanne Treaty does not have ‘grey zones’

President Prokopios Pavlopoulos sent a message to FYROM that condition for any agreement is the change of the Constitution during his declaration as honorary citizen of Dion-Olympus on Saturday at Litohoro.

He noted that prerequisite for an agreement is a name accepted by Greece, NATO and EU and the change of FYROM’s constitution, a name that will not suggest whatever irredentism.

On Turkey, he underlined that condition for a friendship, good neighbourly relations and European perspective is the total respect to the European acquis and to the international law adding that “The times of interventions and provocations is long gone”.

We honour our friends but we have proven that we do not fear our enemies, he underlined.

“These are national lines that we all support and they are also lines supported by our European family, as it was proved in Friday’s’ Summit”, said Pavlopoulos.

HE referred to the total respect to the Lausanne Treaty and to the Law of the Sea which binds Turkey to total and not selected respect.

The president of Republic noted that Turkey’s attitude on Cyprus’ EEZ “insults Europe not only Cyprus” and this “was noted at the highest level on Friday”.

Concluding Pavlopoulos stated “The Lausanne Treaty guarantees the borders, the territory and the sovereignty of Europe not only Greece’s. The Lausanne Treaty does not have “grey zones”, this is an invention. It is respected in its whole; it is not reviewed or updated”.