President Pavlopoulos: Nobody has the right to claim things that don’t belong to them

President Prokopis Pavlopoulos spoke of the need to defend the proven Greek identity of Macedonia and respond to “the forgers and counterfeiters” of History during a ceremony to proclaim him an honorary citizen of the municipality of Delta.

“Nobody has the right to claim things that don’t belong to them. You cannot write about historic events that never happened by stealing [other people’s] history. We extend a hand of friendship to our neighbours, but we will never concede to others what belongs to us,” Pavlopoulos said.

The ceremony was part of the event to commemorate the 104th anniversary of the liberation of the city of Halastra in 1912 and the residents’ help which allowed the Greek army to march into Thessaloniki ahead of the Bulgarian troops.

“The historic legacies of your municipality will accompany me hereinafter in the exercise of my duties as President of the Republic. And I pledge that I will do what my part to defend both the territorial integrity and the Greek identity of our Macedonia, based on history and the International and European Law as a whole,” he added.