Pavlopoulos sends message to creditors regarding debt relief

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Thursday sent a message to Greece’s partners regarding debt relief, urging them to do their part and ease the country’s debt burden.

“Greece, through the sacrifices of its people, fully meeting its obligations, has achieved the targets for the surpluses it must have. This must be taken into account very seriously at this time, when our partners must also do their part. And I’m talking about the issue of debt relief,” Pavlopoulos said. The fact that this debate has begun made him feel “somewhat optimistic,” Pavlopoulos added, while expressing his belief that the debate is moving in the right direction.

“There must be debt relief, especially given the requirements of the growth Greece has to achieve. Because debt relief has to be combined with the acceleration of the country’s growth rates. This, as you know, is the best way to reduce debt. Growth is that which will ultimately reduce debt, beyond short- or long-term arrangements for the debt itself,” said Pavlopoulos.

Pavlopoulos made the statements during a meeting with the governor of the independent public revenue authority, Giorgos Pitsilis.