President Pavlopoulos: The world must aim at stopping the so-called Islamic State and ending the war in Syria

The world must aim at stopping the so-called Islamic State and ending the war in Syria President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Monday, during a meeting with Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, who was accompanied by the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Marianna Vardinoyannis.

“Please relate to your country, the United States … that the entire civilized world should have two aims at this point: First, finishing with ISIS. It is inconceivable for civilization and our democracy to have this new outbreak of barbarism, called ISIS. And secondly, the war must end immediately so that refugees can return to their homes,” Pavlopoulos told Kennedy.

“These refugees didn’t leave [their country] looking for a better fate in other European countries. They left because there was a war,” he added.

On her side, Kennedy mentioned the way Greeks have welcomed refugees despite the economic crisis. “The day before yesterday I was fortunate enough, because Mrs. Vardinoyiannis and I were able to visit Schisto [refugee camp]. And I have to admit that, considering the economic crisis facing Greece, it is very impressive the fact that Greeks were so accepting and open towards these refugees,” she said. “The compassion t=Greeks showed towards them is impressive.”

Vardinoyiannis also commented on her visit to Schisto, saying it was emotional and also expressed her satisfaction with Kennedy’s assessment that the camp was well organized.

She also said that her institution is willing to cooperate with the State to organize a center that will accommodate unaccompanied refugee children, adding this issue was discussed in a meeting with Interior Minister Panos Kouroumblis earlier today. “This center will be a model for other such centers abroad,” Vardinoyannis said.