President Pavlopoulos to inaugurate the new Archaeological Museum of Thermo on Sunday

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos is to inaugurate the new Archaeological Museum of Thermo this coming Sunday, which opens its new permanent collection of antiquities from western Greece. The opening will also be attended by Culture and Sports Minister Aristidis Baltas.

The museum’s collection is mainly based around finds from the Sanctuary of Apollo in Thermo and smaller neighbouring shrines, spanning a period from the early prehistoric period up to the Roman conquest and including finds from the city-states in the Aetolian League. It is divided into six sections, organised in chronological order, from the earliest signs of habitation to the building of the sanctuary of Apollo to its conversion into the meeting place of the Aetolian League and eventual decline.

The exhibition is enriched by extensive explanatory material, re-enactions and drawings and text in Braille, as well as interactive applications and educational programmes.