President Pavlopoulos: ‘We must be ready to defend our borders at any time’

While Greece was primarily a nation of peace and democracy, “we have an obligation to defend our borders, territorial integrity and sovereignty at any time against all comers,” President of the Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos noted on Saturday. The Greek president was speaking at an event where he was named an honorary citizen of the municipality of Eastern Mani.

He once again repeated that Greece’s borders were also those of the European Union and that these were precisely defined by international law with absolute clarity, without even a suggestion of a “grey zone”.

“There are no grey zones and we will never accept the existence of grey zones. This is something that we clarify to all sides because it is the basis of friendship and good neighbourliness,” he said earlier, at an event in Areopolis.

Pavlopoulos visited Areopolis and Mani on Saturday to attend events celebrating the anniversary of the start of Greece’s struggle for independence from Ottoman rule, on March 17, 1821.