President Prokopis Pavlopoulos inaugurates new building for ‘Ark of World’

President Prokopis Pavlopoulos hailed the contribution of NGO the “Ark of the World” in promoting humanity on Tuesday, during the inauguration of a new annex in Kolonos.

“Our whole culture is emitted from the ‘Ark of the World’ through humanity [and] culture that fertilized our European culture. I am here to convey what I must to those who deserve it,” Pavlopoulos said during the event, adding that “we need humanity”.

“If it weren’t for institutions sucj as the Ark, I’m not sure society would have withstood this test,” he added.

Pavlopoulos mentioned the donors who funded the building of the new center, saying that benefactors are needed in difficult times when the ethos and faith are put to the test.