President Sakellaropoulou concludes visit to the Diapontian Islands

President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, visited Othonos, Mathraki and Erikoussa islands on Monday on the occasion of the launching of the vaccination programme for the inhabitants of the Diapontian Islands.

Concluding her visit to the Diapontian Islands, the President of the Republic expressed her content and said she was moved by her visit “to the westernmost part of our country”, praising the doctors and nursing staff, but also the Armed Forces, for their contribution to the Diapontian Islands.

Addressing the inhabitants of the islands, she said: “I want the inhabitants of these islands to know that we recognise their support to a cradle of Hellenism by staying here and that the state is present, listens to them and will always support them.”