President Sakellaropoulou made honorary citizen of western Lesvos municipality

The residents of Lesvos island have “gone through a lot and contributed a lot,” Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou said on Monday, as she was made an honorary citizen of western Lesvos.

But, she added, “the energy and resilience of the island when facing the migration and refugee crisis shows a dynamic and progressive society, with great reserves of solidarity and empathy.”

Sakellaropoulou addressed the concern and exhaustion of locals with the migration issue, and asserted that “as an honorary citizen of western Lesvos, I will try to reciprocate your generosity. I will stand by you so that the island retains its character and its way of life, treads the path of innovation and progress,” and always looks for a better future.

She spoke of her ties to the island through visits at a young age, and as the home of a beloved friend who has passed away.