President Trump for Greece: They will be back. We’re working with them on many things

President Trump and Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras are holding a joint press conference at the White House Tuesday, after meeting together for the first time there since Mr. Trump took office.

Last year, Tsipras called Mr. Trump representative of an “evil” set of ideas that didn’t have a true place in modern-day western democracy, but now Greece — in the midst of an economic crisis — has to work with Mr. Trump. The Trump-Tsipras meeting comes as Mr. Trump calls on NATO nations to invest more in their own defense, although Greece is one of the few nations that does contribute at least 2 percent. Mr. Trump has indicated the U.S. may increase its investment in NATO, an entity he once called obsolete before reversing his position on its existence.

According to the White House, the two are meeting about ways to enhance their partnership, discussing defense cooperation, economic investment and energy security, among other topics.

Mr. Trump said Greece had been a great friend and ally through the years, before starting his meeting with Tsipras.

“They’re doing a terrific job of coming back,” Mr. Trump said. “They will be back. We’re working with them on many things.”