Prespes Agreement serving both countries, Panteion professor tells Praktorio FM

The Prespes Agreement between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) “contains several safety valves” for Greece and “its provisions protect the ancient Greek heritage of Macedonia,” said Marilena Koppa, assistant professor of International and European Studies at Panteion University on Tuesday.

In statements to Praktorio 104.9 FM, the Athens-Macedonian News Agency’s (ANA) radio, professor Koppa called the Agreement “a good and just agreement, without winners and losers.”

In her opinion, the Agreement includes several safety valves, and if ratified by Greece it will give the country nearly a decade of checking on FYROM to ensure it keeps fulfilling the Agreement’s terms.

“It is, of course, a compromise, and as such you can’t expect to meet all your targets by 100%,” she said, “therefore we must find a scheme that is viable for both sides. I believe the Prespes Agreement does exactly that,” Koppa said.

Commenting also on accusations that claim among other things Greece ceded the ancient Greek heritage of Macedonia to FYROM, she said that the bilateral agreement shows that FYROM “bears no relation to the Macedonia of Alexander the Great or to (ancient Macedonia’s) symbols, and (that) it comprises a Slavic state with its own traditions and heritage.”

Calling citizens of FYROM “citizens of North Macedonia” is an improvement on the current situation of “citizens of Macedonia,” and any associated issue relates to an issue festering for the past 25 years.