Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras: Greece a champion in reforms

In the last three years Greece has become a champion in reforms, not only in Europe and the eurozone but also among the countries of OECD, said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during joint statements with OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria after their meeting in Athens on Monday.

“Reforms that were fair but also necessary as they open up great prospects for the growth of the economy and establish of a more equitable growth prospect for the Greek economy in the coming years,” noted Tsipras.

“Greece’s efforts are vindicated,” stated Gurria, quoting the figures from the organisation’s annual economic survey of Greece for 2018, which he handed over to Tsipras.

“The foundations have been laid for a sustainable and equitable growth, in the long-term,” said Gurria and congratulated the Greek prime minister: “Congratulations Mr. Prime Minister, you have brought Greece back from the edge of the precipice.”

He also noted that there was a time when the discussion was about ‘Grexit’ whereas now the only discussion was about Greece’s exit from the programme.

It is not a time for additional measures and austerity is not the only path for restoring competitivenes, noted Tsipras.

“We invest in labour productivity and support a production model that wants people, the workers, to play the main role and, on this basis, we support a decent standard for salaries and, by extension, a better standard of living” stated Tsipras.

OECD annual report for Greece brings good news, agree Tsipras and Gurria

In statements before entering their meeting at the Maximos Mansion, Tsipras and Gurria agreed that the organisation’s annual report brought good news for Greece. The prime minister noted that the OECD had been a very important partner for Greece at a difficult time and underlined that “now you will be a very constructive partner in the context of our efforts to generate sustainable growth that excludes no one.”

Gurria said that such efforts never end and that efforts must now be focused on “giving a signal about what is coming, that now is the time for our efforts to bear fruit and that we expect stronger growth in the near future.”