Prior actions bill to enter to Greek parliament committees on Tuesday

The omnibus bill containing the prior actions required to complete Greece’s third program review will be send at the parliament’s relevant committees on Tuesday (Jan. 9), where it will be discussed until Thursday. Ministers tabling the legislation will also brief SYRIZA’s parliamentary group on the issues next week.

The bill will proceed at the plenum on Friday where it will be fast-tracked, so that it can be voted on on Monday night (Jan. 15). It includes legislation relating bringing changes to various issues such as:

-Welfare benefits

-Opening the energy market and changes in public power utility PPC

-Launching of strikes by the primary labour unions

-Boosting the role of economic prosecutors

-Mediation (the out-of-court settlement of disputes)


The government aims to have the bill approved ahead of the Eurogroup on January 22, which will discuss whether the program review has been successfully concluded and open the way for the disbursement of the loan installment.