Prison can’t diminish the dignity of our boys, parents of Greek soldiers held in Turkey tell ANA

“What matters is the immediate return of our children, who have been imprisoned for 12 days now. They know that they have done nothing wrong and that’s why they are not worried, because they believe in justice and cannot be punished for something they did not do,” the parents of the two Greek soldiers currently held in Turkey said on Tuesday, in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA)

“The prison can only restrict their movements, but it cannot diminish their dignity, their optimism, their dreams. We believe in justice and that the truth will be revealed. We are optimistic because the facts do not incriminate our children,” said Nikos Kouklatzis, the father of one of the two soldiers, while adding that he feels proud of his son.

“We do not solicit manifestations of sympathy, but it is very important not to feel alone at this difficult time. It is important to feel that the whole country is at your side, that everyone understands our just demand that these two boys return to their families,” he said.

The mother of the jailed soldier referred to the daily and unexpected support she has been receiving. “It is extremely moving that mothers from every part of the world have been calling me since the first day to tell me that everything will go well and that the nightmare will end,” she said.