Private broadcaster SKAI applies for TV broadcasting licence

Private broadcaster SKAI was the first TV station to apply to participate in a tender for a nationwide television broadcasting licence, filing its application with the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) on Tuesday.

The deadline by which interested parties must submit an application to participate in the TV licences tender expires on Thursday, 11 January.

The members of the NCRTV will be in a constant ‘open’ meeting from noon, so that when the deadline expires at 15:00 they can draw up an official list of the applications submitted. This will then be announced in a press release after their meeting on January 11.

The bids submitted will be opened and their contents recorded on Friday, with this process continuing on Monday and Tuesday, if necessary. A maximum of two individuals representing each applicant will be present when the bids are unsealed, while there is no provision for journalists to be present at this time.

The applications and their contents will be be examined in detail by NCRTV so that it can approve the candidate’s participation in the next stages of the tender process.