Private-sector salaried employment increased in February

There was a net increase in the number of private-sector salaried jobs in Greece in February 2017, based on figures released by the labour ministry’s Ergani system on Thursday.

There was a total of 138,242 hiring notifications submitted during the month and 113,304 notifications of job positions vacated, for an increase of 24,938 jobs in total. Of the job departures, 55,306 were voluntary and 57,998 arose from the termination of permanent employment or the expiration of fixed-term contracts.

In comparison with February 2016, there was an increase of 10,501 job positions in February 2017. This is the fourth consecutive year that Ergani figures have recorded a net positive balance for private-sector salaried jobs in February, while the 2017 figures are the highest for any February since 2001.
Of the new hirings in February 2017, 43.24 pct are full-time jobs, 40.01 pct are part-time jobs and 16.75 pct are for casual employment.