Procter & Gamble supports medical research with sponsorships

Procter & Gamble celebrated 22 years from the launch of a research sponsorship program to support medical research in Greece in the fields where P&G has established activities with products such as Always, Pampers, Oral B. Sponsorship to dentistry (Koulouridis sponsorship), gynecology (Papanikolaou sponsorship) and pediatric (Child & Research sponsorship) have supported more than 80 research groups in Greek universities with more than 1.0 million euros in funds.

Eleni Papademetriou, communications manager in P&G said the sponsorship institution approaches the innovation sector, a compass, strategic choice and mission for P&G in Greece. “We seek and invest on innovation through our products and services to bring value to modern consumers and we support innovation in other significant sectors related with health/hygiene. We also support domestic talent in medical research, helping in the professional development of top scientists, a capital for the future,” she said.

“Scientific research in medicine needs the help of everyone and the support of the private sector and enterprises is necessary. Initiatives like P&G’s to support gynecology research with sponsorships help the research work of University clinics and support our excellent scientific resources,” George Kreatas, professor of gynecology at the Athens University said.