Production of surgical masks in Greece will begin on April 25, Georgiadis says

Until a vaccine is found and a large part of the population is immune to the coronavirus, social distancing will continue to be essential and people will not be able to return to their old way of life, Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Wednesday, speaking to the public broadcaster ERT and to the private TV stations Open and Alpha.

He noted that masks, disposable gloves and antiseptics will continue to be a part of people’s lives for some time to come.

Georgiadis explained that the relaxation of containment measures will be taken “step by step”, while noting that discipline will be imperative. As the virus acts unexpectedly we should not relax.

The Minister said machines from China for the production of surgical masks arrived in Greece on Tuesday and the production of masks will be carried out by a large factory in Greece. He said that it will be the first factory to produce masks for the coronavirus in the country and will producen up to 9 million masks per month. The plants are in Larissa and in the region of Thrace and production will begin on April 25.