Productive reconstruction at the hands of young people

Forty-five investment groups expressed interest in taking over the management of sub-funds to be created in the framework of an “EquiFund”. According to information by ANA, the process of expressing interest was successfully completed and after completion of the second phase of the evaluation, starting in April, the final choice for the first sub-funds was expected in September.

Greek authorities will present a “Research-Create-Innovate” action on Wednesday, launched in the framework of a Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme 2014-2020.

Economy and Development Alternate Minister Alexis Charitsis, speaking to ANA said: “Greece has an exceptionally educated and trained human workforce, one of the most remarkable in Europe. Young scientists who -because of the dissolving policies of domestic devaluation and work depreciation prevailed in the previous year- cannot find the career they deserve, are leave massively abroad. We are determined to change this reality. With an integrated strategy we support new scientists and researchers, we support young and startup business activity and promote the connection of research with production and the economy”.

In close cooperation with the academic community we implement actions worth more than 330 million euros to offer academic experience, scholarships, post-graduate researchers and encourage creation of research groups. Through the EquiFund action we fund dynamic and extrovert small- and medium-sized enterprises, while the “Research-Create-Innovate” action plan, worth more than 280 million euros, we fund joint ventures between enterprises with research agencies and individual enterprises or groups of companies to promote investments in research and innovation.