Professionals and self-employed to participate in Wednesday’s general strike

Professionals and the self-employed announced they will participate in the general strike called on Wednesday (May 17) to protest against the voting of the government’s new omnibus bill, which includes the prior actions agreed between Greece and its creditors.

The unions said in a joint press release they will gather on Syntagma square on Thursday at 19:00, the day when the plenum is expected to vote on the new measures.

“Professional bodies are protesting and inviting every self-employed citizen to raise his voice against the government’s plans for new, destructive increases in social security and the provisions included in the omnibus bill which is being voted in parliament this week,” the bodies said in the press release.

“Cut taxes and social security contributions now,” the president of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Giorgos Stasinos said, adding that the “I cannot pay movement” will be on Syntagma square during the parliament vote.

Among the unions co-signing the press release are the Technical Chamber of Greece, Greece’s Bar Associations, Panhellenic Medical Association and the Hellenic Federation of Tax Consultants.