Prosecutor brings six felony charges against parcel bomb suspect

A prosecutor brought numerous felony charges against a 29-year-old man who was arrested by anti-terror police on Saturday in connection to the parcel bomb attack against former prime minister Lucas Papademos and the letter bombs sent to other EU officials earlier this year.

The six charges involve forming and participating in a criminal organization, the terrorist acts of supplying and possessing explosives for the purpose of using them, the terrorist act of the illegal possession of pistols, ammunition and explosives for the purpose of illicit supply to criminal organizations, forgery in order to commit terrorist acts, aggravated theft and drug trafficking.

According to the prosecutor, these crimes were committed “in a manner, to an extent and in circumstances which may seriously harm the country, in order to intimidate a population and hurt the fundamental constitutional, political and economic structures of the country.”

The suspect was stopped by policemen as he was clearing a safe house from guns and ammunition.
Papademos was seriously injured in the thigh and torso on May 25 when he opened a letter bomb in his car while two more people also suffered lighter injuries. He was hospitalized for over a month.

In March a parcel bomb sent to former German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was intercepted by his office’s mail department, but a separate letter addressed to the International Monetary Fund in Paris exploded, slightly injuring an employee. After the incidents, Greek police intercepted eight more suspect packages at an Athens postal centre.

The militant group Conspiracy of Fire Cells claimed responsibility for the attack against Schaeuble but not the one against the IMF or Papademos.

The suspect will appear before the prosecutor again on Tuesday to present his plea for the parcel bomb attacks and on Wednesday to respond to the drug charges.