Prosecutor orders investigation into Energa suspect’s ankle monitor escape

Chief appeals prosecutor Antonis Liogas ordered a preliminary investigation into the circumstances surrounding the removal of an electronic monitoring bracelet by a 43-year-old suspect charged with money laundering in the Energa-Hellas Power scandal.

Prosecutors will have to ascertain if there was any negligence on the part of police officers in locating the woman, or if there were any omissions on the side of the company that provides the electronic monitoring devices, and is the justice ministry’s technology provider responsible for the overall operation of the system.

In a press release on Monday, the company supplying the ankle monitors said it complied with all the procedures required by authorities, informing them constantly about the suspect’s movements “until it received a signal that the bracelet had been cut”.

According to the ongoing case, power companies Energa and Hellas Power withheld 257 million euros from the state by collecting a special property tax levied through electricity bills which they failed to pay to the state.