Prosecutor orders self-proclaimed billionaire Sorras and associates to respond to fraud charges

Self-proclaimed billionaire Artemis Sorras and seven of his associates have been ordered to appear as suspects before a First Instance Prosecutor on Thursday and respond to various felony charges relating to his political grouping “Assembly of Greeks” (Ellinon Synelefsis).

Prosecutor Evgenia Avlidou is investigating Sorras and his associates for the crimes of fraud, setting up and heading a criminal gang and instigating violence. Avlidou examined several pending criminal cases against Sorras including files from the Peloponnese, where numerous citizens submitted to tax offices and social security funds fraudulent payment authorizations provided by the “Assembly of Greeks”.

The prosecutor also examined a law suit filed by journalist Alexandros Stefanopoulos, who described Sorras as a case of “blatant defrauding of citizens” and accused the state of lacking “the basic self-defense of an organized state.”