Protecting democratic institutions an urgent national priority, Mitsotakis says at MFC founding congress

The protection of democratic institutions takes precedence over every other issue, main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday, during a guest speech at the founding congress of Movement for Change, and he called for collaboration among parties on national issues.

“New Democracy will seek a wide general consensus immediately after the next elections for all serious issues Greece faces,” Mitsotakis said, and he criticised the government of PM Alexis Tsipras for “threatening the Greek democratic system by openly undermining justice, independent agencies, parliamentary processes and the press.”

Mitsotakis noted that parties could meet on the common ground of protecting institutions, ensuring the smooth operation of the government, and developing a new type of patriotism that fosters agreement on national issues. He also called for a new constitution, a new electoral law and reforms in economy, public administration, health, security and especially on education.

“PASOK – today’s Movement for Change – and New Democracy have been adversaries now for almost forty years. (…) In a democracy there are – and there should be – ideological differences that may lead to political clashes, but national interest takes priority,” the opposition leader said.

(Movement for Change was founded by Democratic Coalition Deputy Fofi Gennimata, Eurodeputy Nikos Androulakis, Potami party leader Stavros Theodorakis, Democratic Left/ DIMAR party leader Thanasis Theocharopoulos, Democratic Socialists Movement leader George Papandreou, and Athens Mayor George Kaminis.)