Protection Minister: Obama’s schedule not affected by any danger

There is no connection between the hand grenade against the French Embassy in Athens and the Pnyka area where Obama was supposed to speak before it was cancelled by the US team that is already in Athens, Alternate Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas on Saturday said in a press briefing on the measures to be taken ahead of the US President’s visit.

Toskas said that the security measures ahead of Obama’s visit on Tuesday will be finalised late on Monday. However, the police will not take strict measures, but reasonable ones.

“They will not be extreme measures, but the necessary ones for the protection of a visitor like the US President,” he underlined.

Referring to the scheduled protests, he said that it is a democratic right, but “those who want to protest against Obama’s visit, can do so in areas that the US President will not move,” and concluded:

“This visit will benefit the country, therefore we must ensure a safe environment.”