Trade unions’ rally in Athens ends with violent clashes between rioters and police

A protest rally organised by Greek trade union organisations in the centre of Athens on Wednesday has ended but not before clashes broke out between groups of protestors and riot police, who responded with use of tear gas and flashbang grenades.

The rally, coinciding with a 24-hour general strike called by the General Confederation of Employees of Greece (GSEE) and the civil servants’ union federation ADEDY, was held to protest against yet another round of austerity cuts that are to be passed by Parliament in an omnibus bill to be voted into law on Thursday.

The protest erupted into violence at the intersection of Stadiou and Vassileos Georgiou streets when anarchist groups engaged with MAT riot police, lobbing stones and fire bombs.

A representative of a trade union coordinating committee said the unions were urging everyone to take to the streets and rally together “for a real battle today and tomorrow against the shameful fourth memorandum.”

Organisations of the Left and trade unions are urging people to turn out for rallies taking place in Syntagma Square on Thursday to protest during the final vote on the omnibus bill before the plenum.