Protesters sit-in at the Athens Law School for second week

Protesters who have been staging a sit-in at the Athens Law School for the past two weeks demanding the abolition of the tuition required to enroll in the postgraduate programs decided to continue their action, following a meeting of their group on Wednesday.

Starting this academic year, students enrolling in postgraduate studies will be asked to pay 1,200 euros to attend the one-year program. “[It] introduces a single postgraduate degree with 22 directions, fully specialized and adapted to the needs of the labour market. This implies the fragmentation of professional rights and the deterioration of the quality of studies,” the occupation committee said.

In contrast, other students are reacting to the closure of the school and are instead proposing an increase in the number of scholarships granted for postgraduate programs, noting that the sit-in is the wrong way to pursue a solution and asking protesters to allow the school to open.