Protestor seriously injured by explosive device during clashes at Lefkimmi landfill

A 32-year-old man taking part in a protest at the Lefkimmi landfill on the island of Corfu was seriously injured when a makeshift explosive device went off in his hands, amputating him from the wrist and injuring his face. The incident occurred during clashes that broke out at the Lefkimmi landfill between police and local residents late on Sunday night.

The violence was triggered by a flare set off during a sit-in demonstration organised by local residents outside the landfill, after their demand to send a three-person delegation into the landfill site was denied. This prompted all-out clashes, with residents attacking police with flares, stones and fire crackers and other makeshift explosive devices, while police responded with tear gas.

The 32-year-old is being treated at Corfu General Hospital and a police investigation is underway to collect evidence from the remains of the explosive devices at the site of the incident, while a case file will be sent to the Corfu public prosecutor.

Locals oppose the operation of the landfill, expressing doubts whether authorities can manage the facility, even though local authorities claim there is no other alternative. Authorities were forced to close down a previous landfill at Temploni following an EU fine for breaching environmental regulations.