Protestors in Katerini, Drama move against homes of SYRIZA MPs

Groups of protestors opposed to the Prespes Agreement on Thursday made attempts to move toward the homes of SYRIZA MPs in the northern Greek cities of Drama and Katerini but were prevented by police cordons that barred their way.

In Katerini, a group that had taken part in a demonstration attempted to reach the home of MP for Pieria Betty Skoufa. Six individuals were arrested. According to a police announcements, three officers were injured in scuffles with protestors attempting to break through a police barrier and were taken to Katerini Hospital for first aid.

Similar scenes were played out in the city of Drama, when a protest march on Thursday afternoon did not follow the usual route through the city centre but headed toward the house of SYRIZA MP Christos Karagiannidis instead.

The protestors finally stopped a few metres from the MP’s residence, shouting slogans while police looked on, and then dispersed after first passing by the SYRIZA party offices in the city centre.

Opposition’s ‘incendiary statements’ to blame for events in Drama, MP Karagiannidis tells ANA

Talking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency SYRIZA MP Christos Karagiannidis said the incident was the result of “incendiary statements that have been made by the deputies of the main opposition and specifically the main opposition MP in my city, my prefecture,” adding that they were the “moral instigators” of such incidents.

“The people that incite national hatred, calling me personally ‘a traitor’ and the SYRIZA MPs that are in Macedonia ‘traitors’ are essentially arming the hands and tongues of these people, so that we have these phenomena,” Karagiannidis said.

“We are not talking about a great many people, those that came to the house and disturbed the neighbourhood, scaring all kinds of folks, did not number more than 100-150,” he said.

“As you can understand, the main opposition will be responsible for whatever happens from here on that concerns the physical well-being of SYRIZA deputies or our property,” he added.

Skoufa: “Nothing frightens us, nothing intimidates democracy”

“Nothing frightens us, nothing intimidates democracy,” MP for Pieria Elisavet Skoufa said.

“Thirty far-right thugs tried to cause an incident outside my house and the houses of another two MPs (Asterios Kastoris and Harilaos Tzamaklis),” Skoufa said, adding: “They gathered because there was an invitation with a specific poster that urged them to occupy the houses of MPs.”

Skoufa noted that this was legally prosecutable and a disturbance of domestic peace, adding that “we will proceed with the necessary immediate next steps” while noting that the actions of the specific individuals were condemned by all society.