Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA) – Ready to enter the production and marketing of electricity

“DEPA Commerce plays a leading role in the development of new natural gas infrastructure, but also in the diversification of its sources and supply routes. Our company contributes to the transformation of Northern Greece into an energy hub with projects such as the recently launched TAP and the IGB that is already being implemented, but also new ones, such as the Alexandroupolis LNG Terminal through which liquefied natural gas will be imported from every corner of the planet and will adequately supply not only the Greek market, but also those of the Balkans, up to Central Europe.”

This was pointed out by the coordinating director of Strategy & Development Activities of DEPA Commerce, George Polychroniou, speaking at the “Economist” conference held at the 85th TIF.

At the same time, the company adapts its business model to the new conditions created by the market liberalization and the Green Agreement. The new business plan of DEPA Commerce, noted Mr. Polychroniou, includes its entry into the production and marketing of electricity, developing a “green” portfolio over 200 MW with its participation in photovoltaic parks in the transition areas of Western Macedonia, but also the acquisition and utilization of a 500 MW electricity supply license “.

Finally, he noted that de-lignification and the energy transition enhance the role of natural gas in the energy mix, as on the one hand it stands as the bridge between conventional and renewable energy sources and on the other hand its infrastructure will be used to transport green gas fuels. .