Prosecution dismisses MP Haikalis bribery attempt case

The prosecution has decided to dismiss the serious complaint filled by MP Pavlos Haikalis that an attempt was made by Giorgos Apostolopoulos to bribe him in the critical Presidential elections.

The decision was based on the fact that the video and audio footage he submitted as evidence was procured illegally and as such cannot be used. According to reports the prosecutor Mr. Panagiotopoulos based his findings on the depositions of the witnesses and suspects.

The prosecutor’s report notes that while Mr. Apostolopoulos had arranged to meet with Mr. Haikalis on the 12th of December to give him a bribe, the fact that he did not suggests that he never had the intention to carry out the bribe.

Furthermore, the prosecution stresses that Mr. Apostolopoulos had not been tipped off to avoid the meeting and does not believe that there was sufficient justification to examine the phone records of Mr. Apostolopoulos.

Additionally, the prosecutor argues that if Mr. Apostolopoulos wanted to bribe Mr. Haikalis he would not document their meetings, as he has alleged.