Public Revenue to simplify designation of tax-related e-documents as of Jan. 1

Tax-related decisions, circulars and directions to agencies that are issued electronically by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) will acquire a new designation system that will make it easier for Greek citizens and public sector services to find and use, the agency announced on Thursday.

From the currently general and confusing prefix of “POL”, the new system introduced on January 1 will switch to designating issued documents as follows:

– Decisions will all begin with “A” (Apofasi)

– Circulars will begin with “E” (Enkyklios)

– Directions to public sector services will begin with “O” (Odigies)

Thus, an e-document reference will begin with A, E, and O instead of POL, and be followed by a four- or seven-digit protocol number.