Pulmonology Prof.: Both vaccinated and unvaccinated children go through covid-19 mildly

Professor of Pulmonology, Nikos Tzanakis, spoke about the course of the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines.

Mr. Tzanakis pointed out that now the “omicron 2” variant is on the rise, while the “delta” has disappeared.

“The onslaught of omicron 2 has maintained the cases at a high level and it is something that will be a problem, not seriously, but in terms of adhering to the measures. It is replacing omicron, the Delta variant no longer exists. It escapes vaccination, as far as infection is concerned, however the immunoprotection against severe disease is maintained, and 8 in 10 have no symptoms. A few unvaccinated people may have a serious illness,” he told MEGA channel.

As concerns children

Regarding the disease of children, Mr. Tzanakis stated that, “the school environment is vulnerable to health, children can not maintain masks. Schools are a coronavirus hatchery,” he said.

“Both vaccinated and unvaccinated children go through it mildly. It is not a mild variant, but the vaccination has helped “, added Mr. Tzanakis.

In order to go through it mildly

“Omicron 2 affects the upper respiratory tract and because of this patients suffer from nausea and sore throat. In children it can manifest as stomach pain. As concerns a spike in and extension of the pandemic it will not give an outburst like the Omicron, but it will prolong the numbers and it is not ruled out that we will see high cases in the coming days,” he added.

“We all go through it gently, we have to follow the measures and strengthen the role of the mask. The mask is very important at the moment. The big problem is the outbreak of Omicron 2 in nursing homes, and in other health care providers. The virus is infiltrating and causing problems, and perhaps the health protocols in these structures should be updated,” he concluded.