Ramonet to ANA: Greece’s economy can now only improve

Greece’s economy can now only improve and this will facilitate its exit from the fiscal adjustment programme, according to Spanish journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of “Le Monde Diplomatique” Ignacio Ramonet.

Speaking to Dimitris Manolis of the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) a few days ago, during the event “Venezuela – Truths and propaganda myths” held in Athens, Ramonet spoke about the future of the European Union and geopolitical events worldwide, the media and the role of leaders, including Fidel Castro.

While optimistic about Greece, he noted that Europe was in a crisis that was “expressed very strongly through Brexit” and that the EU was a political entity without a leadership that was able to re-engage European society.

Referring to the role of the social media in elections and forming public opinion, Ramonet said that this was now more important than ever, while he highlighted the important role that journalists must now play:

“Since the confusion is greater, it is important that the journalist comes to illuminate…like Diogenes with his lamp, those that are seeking the truth. In reality, however, this is very difficult,” he noted.

He welcomed the event on Venezuela organised by the Greek Solidarity Committee, expressing satisfaction at the existence of a citizens’ movement in Greece “trying to restore the truth about Venezuela”. He expressed the opinion that there was a “lack of serious coverage about what is happening in Venuezuela,” while claiming that there was a media campaign against Venezuela.

On global developments, he expressed concern over an apparent desire in some quarters to “bring back” a Cold War environment with respect to Russia and earlier with North Korea, and U.S. uncertainty in a multipolar world with many actors, such as China, Russia and India, where Europe did not play such a prominent role.

In this context, he noted, protectionist policies that U.S. President Donald Trump was attempting to impose generated concern, while China was emerging as its number one rival in the 21st century.

During the interview, he referred at length to his encounter with Fidel Castro and his qualities, describing him as one of the great leaders of his time, as well as the role of leadership in general, which he said was essential as a focus for movements.

Ramonet was editor-in-chief of “Le Monde Diplomatique” from 1991 until March 2008 and still contributes to its Spanish edition, while he is also a published author.

The full interview in Greek is available on the ANA website.