Rapid increase in inheritance disclaimers was recorded during 2013 – 2015

A rapid increase in inheritance disclaimers was recorded during the three-year period 2013-2015, according to data from the country’s district courts transmitted to Greek Parliament. Tax burdens and debts seem to make it unaffordable to accept inheritance for tens of thousands of citizens who choose not to accept inheritances nor inherit debts of their relatives, because they can not afford to meet the heavy taxation of property, while at the same time property assets are not easy to sell at this period.

It is significant that in the largest district court of the country, the justice of Athens, inheritance disclaimers in 2015 amounted to 9,566, from 6,079 in 2013. Overall, inheritance disclaimers, based on data from district courts around the country, amounted in 2015 to 45,627 from 29,200 in 2013 and 41,386 in 2014.

In the district court of Thessaloniki, inheritance disclaimers amounted to 3,298 in 2013, to 4,465 in 2014 and 5,068 in 2015. In Piraeus disclaimers totaled 1,509 in 2013, 1,539 in 2014 and 1,692 in 2015.

The data showed that high rates of inheritance disclaimers were recorded not only in areas such as Kallithea where homes are sold at lower prices, but also in areas such as Halandri and Maroussi with higher property prices.