Recent cabinet reshuffle just ‘more of the same,’ ND’s Karagounis says

The recent cabinet reshuffle had simply recycled the same old faces and mainly aimed to stem “centrifugal” forces among SYRIZA’s grassroots voters, main opposition New Democracy MP Kostas Karagounis said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency radio station ‘Praktorio 104.9 FM’ on Thursday.

“We have a reshuffle that is more of the same, in other words a simple recycling of faces, serving petty party interests and helps in a PR capacity – within several quotes – in the erosion of SYRIZA’s electoral base,” he said, adding that “nothing has changed in the government’s main direction as regards the economy, national issues, education, health, foreign policy.”

According to Karagounis, the reshuffle achieved precisely the opposite of what the prime minister had intended, becoming an object of ridicule in the social media, while SYRIZA voters were not very happy with the appointments to the new government and the ministers originating from the ranks of New Democracy and PASOK.

Outlining ND’s economic policy if it comes to power, Karagounis said the emphasis will be on lowering taxes and social insurance and on reducing the burden for private enterprise, the self-employed and middle classes.