Recycling of electrical appliances up in Greece over the last 3 years, monitoring agency reports

The recycling of electrical appliances has risen significantly in Greece over the last three years, the firm “Recycling of Appliances SA” said in a press release on Tuesday.

Citing figures for 2016, it reported a 10 pct increase in the collection of electrical and electronic appliances for recycling, including economy light bulbs. This represented 52,800 tonnes of electrical/electronic waste – or 12.5 million appliances – surpassing the national target.

According to the company, the percentage recovery of usable materials from 2005 until the present day has been steadily higher than targets set by European directives and, at 90 pct, is among the highest in Europe.

“Recycling of Appliances SA” is the approved agency for Greece’s Collection System for Alternative Management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste. It is a private non-profit company with an organisational and monitoring role, operating under Community guidelines transferred into Greek law. There are currently more than 2,000 companies registered with it in Greece.