Refugee children from Schisto and Eleonas camps visit the Greek Parliament

Parliament president Nikos Voutsis, in the presence of Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, on Monday received unaccompanied refugee children from Schisto and Eleonas camps at the Greek parliament for the third consecutive year.

“Europe is what you see in Greece and not the exceptions your hear about,” Pavlopoulos said to the children. “I want you to know that until the war is over and you are able to return to your home with safety, something that we must all work for together, your country is Greece and your family is Greek society, because this is Greek civilisation, this is European civilisation”.

“You are also our children, you are living in Greek society,” Voutsis said as he welcomed the children. “It is necessary to work together now and in the future, so that there are no more wars, no conflicts or persecutions that will drive more children from their homes and countries and separate them from their families. Let us hope and work to reunite the families and to bring peace, growth, safety and stability so that families can return to where they want to live”, said Voutsis.

The Greek parliament president noted that the overwhelming majority of Greek people had demonstrated feelings of solidarity and hospitality, along with other countries of Europe, though the leaderships of some countries did not, unfortunately, share the same feelings. “We are working hard to change this,” Voutsis added.

Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas, Deputy Migration Minister Yiannis Balafas, parliament vice president Nikitas Kaklamanis and a large number of deputies attended the event.