Refugee relocations in EU must be ‘solidarity-based’, German Deputy FM Roth says

German Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth, in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Wednesday, stressed the need for an efficient and solidarity-based sharing of burdens as regards the relocation of refugees in the EU, without exceptions.

The German deputy minister welcomed the most recent ruling of the European Court of Justice, which stated that this is an obligation shared by all member states and pointed out that Greece and Italy cannot bear and carry out this difficult task alone, helped only by a few states willing to show solidarity, such as Sweden and Germany.

He also said that Turkey is currently “miles away from the European Union” and underlined that Turkey’s European perspective depends on itself.

Roth described the Social Democrats’ (SPD) candidate Martin Schulz as “a passionate European”, adding that his election would mean that both Greece and Europe would have a strong advocate for a European Union based on social cohesion, stability and solidarity.

The full interview is available in Greek on the ANA website.