Refugees and migrants arrivals on Greek islands significantly down in February

The number of migrants and refugees arrivals on the islands of the northern AEGEANposted a significant decline in February.

According to the official figures, a total of 699 persons arrived on the islands, 252 on Lesvos, 275 on Chios and 172 on Samos. The arrivals in January 2017 was 1,012.

This decline had a positive effect to the number of stranded migrants and refugees that have sought for asylum which has not been examined yet. The total number of persons hosted in hotspots in February reached 9,209 while on January 31 the number of hosted refugees and migrants was 10,123 and on January 1 11,078.

The nationalities of the refugees and migrants were: 252 from Syria, 13 from Egypt, 12 from Ethiopia, 3 from Ivory Coast, 39 from Algeria, 17 from Afghanistan, 2 from Ghana, 11 from Guinea, 29 from Erytrea, 1 from Zimbabwe, 1 from Jordan, 63 from Iraq, 15 from Iran, 69 from the Republic of Congo, 26 from Congo, 14 from Cameroon, 29 from Kuweit, 4 from Pakistan, 9 from Palestine, 2 from Lebanon, 10 from Morocco, 1 from Benin, 4 from Nigeria, 4 from Uganda, 2 from Sierra Leone and 2 from Somalia, 2 from Sudan and 10 from Turkey. Finally, 10 people came from the Carribean and 45 of unkown nationality.