Registered unemployment down 4.04 pct in May

Registered unemployment fell 4.04 pct in May from April this year, to 830,233 from 865,209 over the same months, respectively, the Workforce Employment Organization (OAED) said in a report on Tuesday.

OAED said the number of registered unemployed people (seeking jobs) was down 34,976 in May and noted that a 58.88 pct of unemployed people (488,824) were registered unemployed for more than 12 months.

Women accounted for 63.03 pct of unemployment (523,313), while the percentage of unemployed people in
the 30-54 age group was 65 pct. The number of other unemployed (not seeking jobs) in May was lower by 20.77 pct from April, while the number of unemployed people receiving unemployment benefit fell 19.5 pct to 93.453.