Relaxation of labor laws has impacted protective measures for workers, say SYRIZA MPs on Tuesday’s fatal labor accident

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party’s MPs responsible for Transport & Infrastructure Nikos Pappas and for Labor & Social Issues Mariliza Ksenogiannakopoulou visited the injured workers of Athens’ electric railway (HSAP) maintenance crew at Gennimata General Hospital on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, the efficiency of safety and protection measures for workers in the performance of their duties is in question, yet again, as another loss of human life has occured in the most tragic way,” they said, and continued to observe that “after a series of fatal labor accidents, it is deemed necessary to upgrade the relevant provisions and strictly control their implementation.”

Three HSAP workers were injured in a train collision early on Tuesday and one later died in hospital.

The goverment of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis “is responsible for relaxing labor laws, which has also brought about the relaxation of protective regulations for workers,” they pointed out.