Removal of WWII bomb found in Thessaloniki halted to evacuate residents

An operation to remove a large Air Force bomb dating from the Second World War which was dug out near a gas station in Thessaloniki on Wednesday was halted on Thursday, as authorities decided they needed a better plan to evacuate residents from the area.

The mayor of Kordelio-Evosmos, Petros Soulas, told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that the 250-300 people who were evacuated from nearby houses and stores yesterday returned to their houses.

The bomb was found by the crew of a natural gas company that was digging near a gas station. According to the officials, the bomb was located at a depth of five meters and is about one meter in length. Crews from the gas station, located in the area of Kordelio, northwestern Thessaloniki, pumped out all the fuel in the tanks which were then refilled with water to inactivate fumes.