Report: Business set-ups significantly exceed closures in 2018

“After eight difficult years, the worst for the Greek economy seems to have been left behind, a fact attested by the data released by the General Electronic Commercial Registry (GΕΜH) which showed an explosive growth in the set-up and operation of enterprises in the country, while business closures fell significantly in 2018,” Constantinos Mihalos, president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry said on Thursday.

Presenting the official figures by GEMH, new business set-ups totaled 32,379 in 2018, while business closures totaled 18,632 in the year. In Athens, business set-ups totaled 5,441 in 2018, while closures totaled 2,459.

“The road ahead is not easy and the country needs to achieve fast, and at the same time manageable, growth rates. The country needs a national plan, a political consensus, to leave behind an economic recession and to implement creative policies aiming to attract private capital and investments, supporting extroversion and creating wealth to restore citizens’ living standards and to overcome the economic and social consequences of the crisis,” Mihalos added.