Research vessel ‘Fugro Synergy’ in Corinth Gulf to remove drill core samples

The ship “Fugro Synergy”, a drilling unit carrying foreign and Greek geoscientists, on Sunday began taking core samples in the Gulf of Corinth that will be used in tectonic and paleoclimactic research. The drilling will last nearly eight weeks, until mid-December.

The ship will drill in three different locations in the Gulf of Corinth, at a depth up to 750 metres below the seabed. The drill cores arise by the deposit of sediments that can be up to two million years old and act as a “geological archive” of the area’s geologic and climate history.

The ship arrived in Corinth on October 19, after passing under the Rio-Antirrio Bridge and began its mission during the weekend. The research is part of “Mission 381” of the International Ocean Discovery Project (IODP) and aims to shed light on tectonic processes and trench formation in the Gulf of Corinth, one of the most earthquake-prone regions of the Europe.