Reservations for Greece post already 70 pct increase, says Studiosus’ Thomas Graune

The prospects for Greece are rosy; Greece is again top destination after the years of the crisis, stated Studiosus responsible for Greece Thomas Graune to Athens Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

Last year we had a 60 percent increase in the reservations for Greece and in 2018 we already record a 70 percent rise. Now that the condition has improved the tourists return. “The most important is that the negative comments for Greece in the German press have disappeared and the positive messages are multiplying” underlined Graune.

“There are destinations in Greece that have not been discovered yet by the mass tourism and have been rescued. Their careful growth will benefit all” he said adding that “the dynamic for the cultural tourism is huge. This year we have extended our programmes and we offer 30 different proposals, among them Athens’ new opera. We also organise visits to farms with biological products and meetings with the producers”.

Referring to the extension of the tourism period, he said that for Studiosus “the high season is April-May and from the end of September until the end of October” underlining that “there is need for higher promotion of the variety of Greece’s tourist product. The visitors must understand there is a modern attractive Greece which nobody is aware of”.