Reshuffle has not changed the government’s core members, Mitsotakis says

There has been no change to the main core of the government as a result of the cabinet reshuffle, main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis commented on Wednesday, in response to questions.

“The main thing is that those who are responsible for the current state of the country, who are responsible for the economy, who are responsible for foreign policy, who are responsible for defence continue to occupy their positions and have not been moved,” he added.

The Greek people will embrace ND’s policy platform of “bold change” at the next elections, he added, while he criticised the prime minister for “divisive” speech and underlined that he will continue to talk about the future, unity and a “dynamic kickstarting of investments”.

“The goal is for elections to be held as soon as possible. This government has already effectively completed its term, it has nothing more to offer the country and has already inflicted very great damage. The sooner elections are held the better it will be for the country,” Mitsotakis said.