Restaurants, cafes, bars to close at 23:00 when they open on May 3

“Consumers were careful [in observing the health measures] over the past few days… because we have all understood that we are at a critical point and the market must remain open,” Secretary General of Commerce and Consumer Protection Panagiotis Stampoulidis said in an interview with ANT1 TV on Monday.

He said that “self tests are available to companies and employees, while at the same time the platform for the vaccination of people belonging to the most productive ages is due to open.”

Regarding the restaurants, cafes and bars, Stampoulidis said that intermunicipal movement will be allowed from May 3 and that citizens will not have to send an sms to visit restaurants, which for the seated customers will close at 23:00 but can continue operating for delivery and take away services.

He noted that “we will have to wait until the middle of the week for the government decision which will contain provisions for all these issues.”