Restrictive measures imposed without a plan are doomed to fail, says SYRIZA

The government continues “on a course of failure” as the pandemic is spinning out of control even after two months of a nationwide lockdown, said SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party in a Saturday statement.

The main opposition party said the government is “panic-stricken” and that “it has no plan”. Furthermore, “it refuses to strengthen the national health system, to provide mass coronavirus testing for all citizens, or proceed with the necessary requisition of private clinics.”

Safety measures at offices, workspaces and also industrial factories, are still insufficient or non-existent, the party continued, while the reopening of the country’s schools is being considered “without listening to the health experts’ advice and without taking all the measures required to ensure and protect the health of students and teachers.”

“The only thing this government is doing is blaming the citizens for its own failures,” says Syriza.

“Restrictive measures imposed without a plan -and without financially supporting society- are doomed to fail,” the party concluded.